Hand over your car to MrCAP for a meticulous cleaning of the car’s bodywork or interior. Even the engine compartment gathers dust, dirt and oil. If your car has undergone a MrCAP treatment, we offer the following value for money services as continuous maintenance, or as a complement to your own car maintenance. If you are not yet a customer try our AfterTreatment™ at the regular market price and depending on availability. Click on the arrows to read more about InteriorService™ or WashAll™.

MachineClean & Dressing™
This service involves an exceptionally careful cleaning of everything under the hood. Modern cars have lots of built-in electronics making the engine compartment a sensitive area. Dirt binds with moisture and a cleaning* is necessary sooner or later.

*Check with your car retailer to find out whether your car’s engine components are moisture-proof. There are manufacturers who build moisture-proof engine compartments and there are others who don’t have the same quality demands for the integral electronics.


This meticulous and thorough cleaning is for our customers who are not satisfied with a normal “clean-up” of the car’s coupé. An InteriorService™ includes among other items the floor, seats, windows, panels and trunk. Altogether 26 service points are attended to in your car’s interior. If the interior has stains, NewMatizing™ is recommended.


MrCAP’s meticulous manual bodywork cleaning is for our customers who are not satisfied with an ordinary “carwash”. A WashAll™ cleaning includes among other items the car’s body, rims, wheel housing, doorframes and windows, both inside and out: all together 24 service points on the car are attended to. Your car will be sparkling clean!