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This is how MrCAP works with GDPR

EU’s new data protection regulation, GDPR, has entered into force. The law entails higher requirements for how we as a company process personal data and gives you as a customer better opportunities to influence our handling. All information you as a customer provide to MrCAP is confidential and Ovon AB is responsible for personal data. The information we store in the customer register is:

First and last name
Phone number
Information about the customer’s vehicle
Information about treatment performed

The data is saved in order to be able to contact you as a customer regarding booking treatment, ongoing treatment, delivery of a car after treatment, marketing communications or other questions related to the aforementioned. The data is saved as long as you are a customer, is only available to MrCAP and will not be shared with any other party. You have the right to inspect, change or delete information about you and receive a response within 30 days in electronic format. For questions please contact your local MrCAP facility or send an email to