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Naturally every car owner wants to drive an attractive car which diminishes very little in value. MrCAP is a Swedish franchise organization established in 1990 which specializes in just one area: to refine, protect and maintain our customer’s cars, with particular emphasis on the cars exterior and interior standard. A MrCAP treatment is a craftsmanship carried out by people with a passion for cars. Our business is built on our own continual technology and product development, and is only available from licensed and certified MrCAP shops.



Cars represent enormous worth. Society’s tendency to counteract “disposability” and increased awareness of the negative environmental influence contributes to demand for products that preserve and protect resulting in a positive effect on the environment.

MrCAP is the market leader within the segment “Car Appearance” and a MrCAP treatment contributes to preserving the car as well as reducing the negative environmental impact thanks to a reduced need for cleaning the car and subsequently less usage of cleaning detergents. The treatments provide an increased quality feel, making it a pleasure to drive as well as improving the overall car economy. Our business model is operated as a franchise system and our customers can count on a strong commitment, combined with a high level of service, since every individual MrCAP shop is owned and managed by a local enterprise.

FormulaU Secure

Several car manufacturers are doubtful about the market’s so-called “paint conservation/paint protection” for brand new cars. This has led to some manufacturers making general exceptions concerning paint guarantees for new cars that have had aftermarket paint conservation applied. We do understand them. There are thousands of “do it yourself products” and “detailing players” in the business making it quite difficult to determine what or who could have a possible negative effect on your cars paint.

If you have a newer car, it is also covered by our paint security insurance – FormulaU Secure (only available in Sweden). MrCAP does not provide that type of “paint conservation/paint protection”. We offer a unique surface treatment that allows the paint to breath. Our product has been market-proven since 1994. We call it FormulaU. Furthermore, your new car’s paint is always covered by our own tailor-made security insurance FormulaU Secure. It is automatically included in our FormulaU treatment program. Regardless of whether your car’s retailer has issued an exception to the paint guarantee or not.


Would you like to reach MrCAP head office for a question or hear more about our franchise concept, please use the contact form below. Contact your local MrCAP shop for more information about what we can do for you and your car.

    Visiting & mailing address:

    Frejgatan 1, SE-114 20 Stockholm

    +46 (0) 8-594 119 90


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