A deep cleaning and impregnation of the cars delicate interior

The suit you take to the dry cleaning and your car to MrCAP. NewMatizing is similar to dry cleaning for your car’s interior. It penetrates deep into the upholstery of the car, dissolving and removing ingrained dirt and “impossible stains” from food, drink, oil and grease.

Afterwards the cleaned textile fibers are impregnated with UG-2, an “invisible seat cover”, with a dirt-repelling capacity making it easy to vacuum and maintain the delicate interior clean and proper. If your car has a leather interior, it is given a special chemical cleaning that is completed with a LeatherGard treatment. This makes the leather soft and pliable as well as resistant to stains and cracks. All other details in your car’s interior will receive the specific treatment they require. Afterwards there can be no doubt that your car’s value will have increased.

Following a NewMatizing – deep chemical cleaning, UG-2 is impregnated into the fabric. MrCAP’s UG-2 encapsulates the fibers leaving it dirt repellent. Effectively making it easier to vacuum and keep the delicate interior nice and clean. Thereafter, an accident involving spills that would normally stain isn’t going to be a catastrophe. Spills can easily be removed by yourself, or if you wish, bring the car in and let us handle it.



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