Comprehensive treatment of the cars exterior and interior

MasterTreatment is MrCAP’s comprehensive treatment for both the exterior and interior of your car. The treatment is equally suitable for new cars as well as for cars that have been running a few years or even many years. With new cars, MasterTreatment works as a preventive measure preserving that wonderful new-car feeling. For cars that have been on the road for some years, MasterTreatment can substantially regain the standard of a new car and even exceed a new car’s exterior and interior standard.

MasterTreatment consists of two core MrCAP treatments – FormulaU, which is a surface treatment of the car’s paint and NewMatizing & UG-2 for the car’s interior. In addition to paint, textiles and leather, the engine and baggage compartments are treated along with all exterior and interior details.

MasterTreatment refines the car’s paint providing resistance to air pollutants, road-dirt, UV rays, and diminished lustre and car value. The textile and leather interiors are chemical-deep-cleaned before being impregnated with UG-2, which is dirt repellent.

Quite simply, this treatment refines the whole car’s appearance, making it easy to keep the car sparkling clean and attractive. You don’t have to worry about waxing your car any more, your car holds its value and according to our customers, their car’s value has increased.