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Would you like to work with us at MrCAP, or are you interested in operating your own MrCAP shop? Please send us a personal letter via email to the relevant Master Franchisee within your territory. We will then contact you with further information.

Master Franchisee

As a Master Franchisee you operate and develop your own MrCAP franchise network in a large territory, a country or part of a country. Write inquiry.


A franchisee is a business owner who operates their own local franchise enterprise. Together we analyze the market prerequisites, financing and the potential within your market. After courses and practical training with MrCAP you are ready to step into your role as business-owner in a well-tested and documented profitable business concept. Write inquiry.

Shop Manager

As local Shop Manager, you are responsible for operations at a local MrCAP shop. This entails responsibility for budget and personnel. After courses, practical training and a completed test, you will receive a certificate as proof of your skills, after which you are ready to meet clients and lead your staff. Write job application.


A MrCAP technician is trained by MrCAP and, following a test, receives a certificate verifying the skills acquired. As a technician you primarily work with refining and maintaining our customers cars. Customer care as well as administrative tasks may also be part of your daily work. Write job application.