Franchise means that anyone who owns a successful business concept leases the right to use the business concept and brand to another entrepreneur. The franchisee operates his/her own company and is entirely independent of the franchisor. The advantage of this is that the franchisee works in a proven and functioning business concept, where he/she has access to the franchisor’s experience.


MrCAP is organized in a Business Format Franchising System, which entails comprehensive concept collaboration between the franchisor and the franchisee. This comprises all areas of the business activities including training, operating manuals and continuous support activities. MrCAP is a member of the Swedish Franchise Association and adheres to the association’s ethical rules. Click here to learn more about MrCAP.

Master Franchise

As a Master Franchisee you operate and develop your own MrCAP franchise network in a large territory, a country or part of a country. You are in charge of establishing shops and support organizations in your territory.


A franchisee is a business owner who operates his/her own local franchise enterprise. Together we analyse the market prerequisites, financing and the potential within your market. After courses and practical training with MrCAP you are ready to step into your role as business owner in a well-tested and documented profitable business concept.

  • Proven profitable business concept.
  • A turnkey company with proven product portfolio and marketing.
  • Education and advice on how to operate the business.
  • Higher efficency through access to MrCAP’s agreement, purchase prices, marketing etc.
  • Economies of scale as part of a group of other franchisees for MrCAP.
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Franchisee Stockholm
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Interview with franchisee Fredric Svahn

Franchisee Fredric Svahn from Stockholm owns two MrCAP shops, MrCAP Nacka and MrCAP Värmdö. Fredric Svahn started his journey as a CarCareTechnician and six years later he opened up his first shop, MrCAP Värmdö. A step that felt completely natural for Fredric.

Why MrCAP?

The reason I started working at MrCAP in the first place was that it offered devolopment opportunities. My goal from the very start was to become a franchisee. Therefore it felt like a completely natural step. I also knew that MrCAP is a strong brand with great reputation.

What does your average day as a franchisee look like?

I work with administration, coaching my shop managers, sales and marketing. Sales primarily concerns B2B.

How much contact do you have with your franchisor?

We have regular contact. There is always someone to turn to.

What is best thing with being a franchisee?

It’s fun to work with people who are all striving towards the same goal. We are all passionate about cars and their owners, our customers. It is also great to work with a strong brand. MrCAP is a great company with a support office that provides coaching. The support office serves as a mentor and ensures that we develop both professionally and individually.

What is most challenging with being a franchisee?

To continuously motivate my staff to collaborate and always deliver top quality.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be a franchisee for MrCAP?

  • You must love what you do! It is very important that you believe in the concept of what you are selling. You must love the daily work, the customers and the market.
  • Research the market! You need to know the market in the area you’re going to operate in. Is there any competition? Does it provide potential customers within your target group?
  • Customer satisfaction is everything! Make sure you always deliver top quality. All the basic requirements for materials and products are available but it is up to you to preform the treatments the best way possible.

Interview with franchisee Filip Lidström

In 2008 Filip Lidström changed his career. He went from selling golf products to work with MrCAP. Today he operates two MrCAP shops in Värnamo, Sweden. A career decision, which according to Filip, gave result that went far beyond his expectations, both in terms of turnover and earnings.

What made you interested in our business?

In the beginning it was my interest in cars that triggered me but later on that changed to meetings with customers, handling different issues and keeping the highest service level possible. I wanted to work with cars and service and therefore MrCAP was a natural choice for me. It made me confident knowing that MrCAP is a well-known brand. 

What does your average day as a franchisee look like?

The morning always begins with a cup of coffee and then I have a lot of customer contacts, I work with B2B, manage bookings and take care of walk-in customers. I pepp my team to plan and solve various issues and always strive to deliver on top. When I have time, I participate in production as well.

How much contact do you have with your franchisor?

We have contact every week. In the first few years I got a lot of help to get the business started but now we work in symbiosis to deliver the best experience possible for customers, staff and everyone involved.

What are the benefits of being a franchisee?

To have the support of the franchisor in staff issues, products, marketing and contracts. Being completely free but still having someone to consult regarding all the issues that occur in a business. It is a great security.

What is your vision for the future?

So far, I think it has gone beyond my expectations. I have developed a lot as a person and my company has developed even more. Both in sales and earnings. My vision is that we will continue on the same path. To keep on growing and open more shops in Sweden and around the world and to exceed our customers expectations of us as a supplier.

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to be a franchisee for MrCAP?

My advice is to really take the time to learn the basics of the business. Every customer request must be resolved in the best possible way. Be responsive to what the customer wants. Satisfied customers are the key to a successful business.


Are you interested in Master Franchise or becoming a franchisee for MrCAP? Please send a inquary and we will contact you for further information.

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